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Chrome extension to transform obnoxious political social-media content into Bork-Speak
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The Borkalizer

Politics - it's everywhere, especially on facebook. Your friends and family, otherwise reasonable and intelligent people, are for some reason compelled to turn their wall (and yours) into an obnoxious cesspit of election-year drivel. The Borkalizer is here to help you take your wall back. You can view the results at

What It Does

Using Bayesian classification (the same method used to filter spam out of your email), The Borkalizer scans posts on facebook and tries to identify politically-oriented posts. When it finds one, it transforms the text using a swedish-chef filter to make it as hilarious as possible.

More Stuff...

The Borkalizer was partly inspired by a talk that @harthvader gave at TXJS 2012, and her super-cool classifier library.

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