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Note: Do not submit pull-requests against the gh-pages branch

It's super easy to contribute to All you need is some Markdown knowledge.


You should be working in a fork, see the following documentation

Before Making Any Changes

Fetch The Latest Changes from upstream

On the master branch

$ git fetch --all
$ git rebase upstream/master

Create a New Branch

$ git checkout -b reason-for-changes

Install Sculpin

In order to test your edited or new examples, you'll need to have Sculpin installed in your dev environment. Please see the Sculpin "Get Started" guide for installation instructions.

Editing an Existing Example:

Find the file in _posts, e.g. and edit using Markdown.

Creating a New Example

Create a new file in _posts (e.g.

Each file starts with the meta-data:

title: "PHP"
layout: "post"
color: "fff"
background: "757eb1"
author: "Davey Shafik"
author_url: ""
author_twitter: "dshafik"
gravatar: "fee39f0c0ffb29d9ac21607ed188be6b"
sponsor: "Sponsor Name"
sponsor_url: ""
sponsor_twitter: TwitterHandle
sponsor_image: ""
  • title: The title of the page
  • layout: The layout to use (always post)
  • color: The text color for the tile on the homepage
  • background: The background color for the tile on the homepage
  • author: The author name (optional)
  • author_url: Authors URL (optional)
  • author_twitter: Authors Twitter handle (optional)
  • gravatar: Gravatar email hash (optional)
  • sponsor: Sponsor name (optional)
  • sponsor_url: Sponsor URL (optional)
  • sponsor_twitter: Sponsor Twitter handle (optional)
  • sponsor_image: Sponsor logo image (optional)

Testing Your Changes

In the root directory, to test run:

$ sculpin generate --watch --server

Then visit http://localhost:8000

After Making Your Changes

Commit Your Changes

$ git add _posts/
$ git commit -m "DESCRIPTION OF CHANGES"
$ git push origin master

Publishing Your Changes

Note: You should only do this to test, you should not perform pull-requests against this branch.

In the root directory, to publish run:


Pushing Changes Back Upstream

To contribute your changes back, simply perform a Pull Request against the master branch.