🚖 YOLO v1 implentation in tensorflow, with training, testing and video features.
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Tensorflow implementation of You Only Look Once


An improvement of the implementation from @gliese581gg, with added training, testing and video parsing. We also used the VOC tools to parse the VOC dataset from @mprat.

Paper: https://arxiv.org/abs/1506.02640

Note: the code needs cleaning (I didn't write it myself from scratch). I could not find the time and honestly, at this point, there are multiple better Open Source implementations of YOLOv2, so I don't see the point of doing it anymore.



  • Tensorflow
  • OpenCV2

If you want to train the network yourself

cd data_parsing

python data_parsing/setup.py install

If you want to use pre-trained weights

Download YOLO weight file from: [https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2JbaJSrWLpza08yS2FSUnV2dlE/view?usp=sharing].

Put the 'YOLO_small.ckpt' in the 'weight' folder of downloaded code.

Uninstall (training)

cd data_parsing

python setup.py develop --uninstall



python network/YOLO_small_tf.py -fromfile "name of input file" -tofile_img "name of output file"


python network/YOLO_small_tf.py -video "name of input file" -tofile_vid "name of output file"


Refeer to the LICENSE files of both data_parsing and network.