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PubSubHubbub Web Socket Subscriber

Big thanks to dshaw for helping me boostrap this.

There is a temporary demo of this server that is running at And a demo client gracefully hosted by Github as a page :)

Install and dependencies

This needs to happen on a server that is NOT behind a firewall. PubSubHubbub is a server-to-server protocol. It won’t work on your local machine. You can certainly try to use the wonderful Localtunnel from @progrium, the wizard.

  1. Install Node.js
  1. Install ExpressJS – npm install express
  1. Install node-websocket-server – npm install websocket-server
  1. Clone repository : git clone git://


  1. cp default_config.json config.json
  1. Edit the config.json file (Feel free to setup the debug flag to true if something is weird)

Run it

  1. $ node server.js
  1. Edit the client.html file
  1. Open in it your favorite browser (even from your local filesystem, the magic happens through websockets). Ha, yes you need a browser that supports WebSockets.

To do

There is a ton of stuff to be done here… feel free to fork and implement any. I’m happy to merge back. Also, Superfeedr can grant free credits to anyone who make significant contributions :)

  • storage of the subscriptions
  • storage of notifications
  • XML → Json for the client
  • Superfeedr track API

Have fun!