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build_vw_asp: laszip fix

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1 parent fad503b commit d2f6fe29ffa69fcb9949e24bf2a67efcab94ac72 @dshean committed Apr 27, 2013
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20 build_vw_asp.csh
@@ -79,21 +79,27 @@ echo
echo "Building ASP"
+set aspsrcdir = $src_root/src/StereoPipeline
+set aspdstdir_root = $src_root/sw/asp
+#NOTE: laslib is available through brew
+#set laslib = $src_root/sw/liblas
+set laszip = $src_root/sw/laszip
#setenv CPPFLAGS "-I${brew_root}/include -I${vwdstdir}/include"
-setenv CPPFLAGS "-I${vwdstdir}/include"
+#setenv CPPFLAGS "-I${vwdstdir}/include -I${laslib}/include -I${laszip}/include"
+setenv CPPFLAGS "-I${vwdstdir}/include -I${laszip}/include"
#setenv LDFLAGS "-L${brew_root}/lib -L${vwdstdir}/lib"
-setenv LDFLAGS "-L${vwdstdir}/lib"
-#set aspsrcdir = $src_root/src/StereoPipeline
-#set aspdstdir_root = $src_root/sw/asp
+#setenv LDFLAGS "-L${vwdstdir}/lib -L${laslib}/lib -L${laszip}/lib"
+setenv LDFLAGS "-L${vwdstdir}/lib -L${laszip}/lib"
cd $aspsrcdir
#git reset --hard HEAD
#git clean -f
-git fetch --all
-git rebase upstream/master
+#git fetch --all
+#git rebase upstream/master
#Check status

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