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remove unused Again exception in server

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avsm committed Dec 31, 2011
1 parent 02a7a7c commit 2176ca6ed5fa6fb4e2c6ef991e77efeb87dd02c1
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@@ -131,17 +131,10 @@ let respond_file ~fname ?droot ?(version = default_version)
respond_forbidden ~url:fname ~version ()
-(** internal: this exception is raised after a malformed request has been read
- by a serving process to signal main server (or itself if mode = `Single) to
- skip to next request *)
-exception Again;;
(* given a Http_parser.parse_request like function, wrap it in a function that
do the same and additionally catch parsing exception sending HTTP error
- messages back to client as needed. Returned function raises Again when it
- encounter a parse error (name 'Again' is intended for future versions that
- will support http keep alive signaling that a new request has to be parsed
- from client) *)
+ messages back to client as needed.
+ *)
let handle_parse_exn e =
let r =

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