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@dsheiko dsheiko released this Jul 1, 2019 · 279 commits to master since this release

Bug fixes

  • fix: adding record row is not expandable
  • fix: update target in the suite recursively when target name changed


  • improve UI: add modal Edit Project to change project name and get info about project and app location
  • improve UI: app window is centered on the first display when one has multiple displays
  • improve UI: faster way to manage data-table records (targets/groups/tests) by keeping the last row always in editing more
  • improve UI: suite options moved under a tab and do not take space in main workspace
  • improve UI: Suite panes menu (Target/Tests/...) set for sticky position (always accessible regardless of scrolling)
  • improve UI: add Insert action for data table records, which injects an new empty record next to the selected one set editing mode
  • improve UI: integration with GIT (local/remote)
  • improve UI: added copy/paste. Now one can copy into clipboard target/group/test/command in one suite/GIT version and paste on another
  • improve UI: Project Explorer gets support for multiple project
  • improve UI: add dynamic environment variables
  • improve UI: add templates
  • improve UI: add command assignVarRemotely
  • improve UI: add command assertVar
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