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TypeScript Compiler API wrapper for static analysis and programmatic code changes.
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TypeScript Compiler API wrapper. Provides an easier way to navigate and manipulate TypeScript and JavaScript code.

Formerly ts-simple-ast.

Library Development - Progress Update (29 June 2019)

v3.0 is now released! Always review before upgrading and see the changelog for information on new features.

This library is still under active development. Most common code manipulation/generation use cases are implemented, but there's still a lot of work to do.

Please open an issue if you find a feature missing, bug, or question that isn't in the issue tracker.


View a generated report on what nodes have been wrapped in the file.


Work in progress:

Getting Started

  1. Installing
  2. Instantiating
  3. Adding source files
  4. Getting source files
  5. Navigating
  6. Manipulating


import { Project, StructureKind } from "ts-morph";

// initialize
const project = new Project({
    // Optionally specify compiler options, tsconfig.json, virtual file system, and more here.
    // If you initialize with a tsconfig.json, then it will automatically populate the project
    // with the associated source files.
    // Read more:

// add source files
const myClassFile = project.createSourceFile("src/MyClass.ts", "export class MyClass {}");
const myEnumFile = project.createSourceFile("src/MyEnum.ts", {
    statements: [{
        kind: StructureKind.Enum,
        name: "MyEnum",
        isExported: true,
        members: [{ name: "member" }]

// get information
const myClass = myClassFile.getClassOrThrow("MyClass");
myClass.getName();          // returns: "MyClass"
myClass.hasExportKeyword(); // returns: true
myClass.isDefaultExport();  // returns: false

// manipulate
const myInterface = myClassFile.addInterface({
    name: "IMyInterface",
    isExported: true,
    properties: [{
        name: "myProp",
        type: "number"

    name: "myProp",
    initializer: "5"


// asynchronously save all the changes above;

// get underlying compiler node from the typescript AST from any node
const compilerNode = myClassFile.compilerNode;

Or navigate existing compiler nodes created with the TypeScript compiler (the ts named export is the TypeScript compiler):

import { createWrappedNode, ClassDeclaration, ts } from "ts-morph";

// some code that creates a class declaration using the ts object
const classNode: ts.ClassDeclaration = ...;

// create and use a wrapped node
const classDec = createWrappedNode(classNode) as ClassDeclaration;
const firstProperty = classDec.getProperties()[0];

// ... do more stuff here ...


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