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A user interface for the Saiku analytical tool
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saiku UI

A user interface for the analytical tool saiku
For more information, see saiku

You can put the UI on a separate server (apache httpd or simply a webapp in tomcat/webapps e.g)

Build Instructions

  • Build using Maven

    • USAGE: mvn TASK1, TASK2, ...

    • Main Tasks:

      • clean: deletes all the build dirs
      • package: creates a .zip and .war (for dropping the UI in a java webapp environment) file in target/ that contains the saiku UI
      • install: installs the .war file in local Maven repo (eg. ~/.m2)

Run UI on Node.js proxy

You can simply test and run the UI on a node.js proxy server called server.js, that will utilize a remote backend as source.

Just run the following command in your command line and then access the UI in the browser (by default, it will run at http://localhost:8080 and proxy requests to

node server.js [port] [backend_host] [backend_port]

Attention: For running the server you will need to install express. You can do that by using npm

npm install express


Saiku and the Saiku UI are free software. The UI, contained in this repository, is available under the terms of the LGPL. A copy is attached for your convenience.


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