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A plugin for majordomo smarthome to control XBMC music player
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XBMC / Kodi is a media player distro. Majordomo is a smarthome automation software. This is a plugin to control XBMC/Kodi music player from Majordomo interface.

Short manual:

  1. Place the file "kodi_api.php" in the webroot dir of majordomo (default is /var/www/html);
  2. ensure that the account under which majordomo web server is running can read "kodi_api.php". And may the chmod help you if the previous is not true;
  3. create a "Control Menu" type object in majordomo admin interface and pick the type "Custom HTML-code" for this object;
  4. copy and paste the contents of "menu_object.txt" from this repository into "Data" field of the Control Menu object created on the previous step;
  5. after pasting into the Data field find and correct the following variables according to your XBMC/Kodi: xbmc_ip = ''; music_lib_dir = '/home/user/Music/'; xbmc_user = 'user_kodi'; xbmc_pwd = 'super_password'; If you do not use authentication in XBMC/Kodi interface feel free to leave "xbmc_user" and "xbmc_pwd" blank like ''.
  6. add the created "Control Menu" object to your fabulous scene in Majordomo interface.
  7. enjoy!

Current CONS:

  1. no " ' " signs in music dirs names allowed (if you have a folder on your Kodi host by the name "Music's" it WON'T play);
  2. the field of plugin showing currently played item updates automatically every 8 seconds;
  3. no SSL encryption of API calls from majordomo to Kodi/XBMC (well that's Kodi "by design" feature).
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