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Chad Walters <>
-TJSONProtocol for C++ and Java
Nitay <>
-Support for "make check"
William Morgan <>
-Miscellaneous Ruby improvements
Ben Maurer <>
-Restructuring the way Autoconf is used
Patrick Collison <>
-Smalltalk bindings
Dave Simpson <>
-Better support for connection tracking in the C++ server
-Miscellaneous fixes
Igor Afanasyev <>
-Perl HttpClient and bugfixes
Todd Berman <>
-MinGW port of the compiler
-C# bindings
-MS build task
Release 20070917
Dave Engberg <>
-JavaBean/JavaDoc enhancements
Andrew McGeachie <>
-Cocoa/Objective-C support
Ben Maurer <>
-Python performance enhancements, fastbinary support
Andrew Lutomirski <>
-Added optional/required keywords for C++ objects
-Added comparison operators for C++ structs
Johan Oskarsson <>
-Java findbugs compliance fixes
Paul Saab <>
-IPv6 support for TSocket in C++/Python
Kevin Clark <>
-Significant overhaul of Ruby code generation and servers
Simon Forman <>
-TProcessorFactory abstraction for Java servers
Jake Luciani <>
-Perl code generation, libraries, test code
David Reiss <>
-strings.h include fix for bzero
-endianness fixes on TBinaryProtocol double serialization
-improved ntohll,htonll implementation
Dan Li <>
-Java TestServer and Tutorial Fixes
Kevin Ko <>
-Fix for unnecessary std::string copy construction in Protocol/Exception
Paul Querna <>
-Autoconf error message fix for libevent detection
-clock_gettime implementation for OSX
Release 20070401