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Objective-C wrapper for Ricardo Garcia's bcrypt C library
C Objective-C Assembly
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by Duane Sibilly

An Objective-C wrapper for Ricardo Garcia's bcrypt C library and a test-drive of Dave Dribin's ddcli command-line application framework. Project inspired by Marco Arment's clean-room bcrypt implementation for PHP 5.3.


Mac OS X 10.6.x or higher XCode Developer Tools 4.x or higher


Feedback and suggestions are very welcome. Make use of the Issues list on Github to send input.

Forks are openly invited.

License Terms

The bcrypt C library is public domain, as is the content of MABcrypt.h/.m. The ddcli command line application framework is copyright (c) 2008 Dave Dribin and used under the MIT License. The rest of the project is likewise released under the MIT License; see LICENSE for details.

Building bcrypter

Building this project is as simple as using GNU Make from the OS X terminal:

            make all

The Makefile builds the project into a binary executable named bcrypter. bcrypter takes a single argument: the plaintext password to be hashed.

            $ bcrypt TestP455w0rd.

The actual wrapper, MABcrypt.h, is meant for use in a larger password authentication system for Cocoa UI or CLI applications. Read the header for details.

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