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This is a ruby wrapper for the CapsuleCRM API. It is alpha software and should be considered a work in progress. It currently supports People & Organisations. There is support for CustomFields & Contacts but they are read-only.


[sudo] gem install capsulecrm

gem 'capsulecrm' # rails
require 'capsulecrm' # non-rails

Getting started

You will need to supply the gem with your CapsuleCRM API token and account name. The account name is the first part of your CapsuleCRM url:

CapsuleCRM.account_name = "test-account" #
CapsuleCRM.api_token = 'MY_API_TOKEN'

If you're using rails, you can put that in config/initializers/capsulecrm.rb


Please see examples.rb for usage examples


Bug reports, feature requests and patches are welcome. Please create an issue on the github issue tracker.


MIT License. Copyright 2011 Ahmed Adam

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