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jskata is SPLITTED in 3 projects

jskata is now splitted. All the parts have been moved to other projects.

jskata.timezone is now timezonedetect

Detect the standard time, the daylight saving time for the current time zone at https://github.com/dsimard/timezonedetect

jskata.undo is now undone

Do, undo and redo library for javascript at https://github.com/dsimard/undone

jskata.nofreeze is still in jskata but is not a really interesting project anyway.

Why is it splitted?

I wanted jskata to be a suite of javascript libraries but I finally tear them apart because :

  • The libraries had no link together
  • It was hard to write a clear documentation
  • It was hard to understand for the users
  • It was hard to contribute
  • I didn't know which project was interesting for the users and which I should improve