Sample scripts implementing an HSM using AWS S3 for dcm4chee.
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A set of scripts implementing an HSM that can be integrated with dcm4chee2.x via the service "FileCopyHSMModule,type=Command."

This script is in charge of copying the tarball containing a series to the backup location. It implements this by storing the tarball as an S3 object on AWS.

This script checks the status of a backup. It does so by querying AWS S3 for the tarball, and verifying that it indeed exists. It returns “Archived” if yes, and “Not_Found” if no (it’s not actually important what the latter is, as long as it doesn’t match the regex of the “Pattern” field defined in the FileCopyHSMModule bean).

This script is in charge of fetching the archive from the back up location. It gets called when a study is requested and the online copy exists in nearline, or if the SynFileStatus service is configured to check the integrity of the tar archive (ie: the “VerifyTar” is set to True).

Sample usage

python --in-tar $PATH_TO_TARBALL --dest $AWS_S3_OBJECT_KEY