An information radiator to show how many commits on a repo since the last deploy
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Deploy Lag Radiator

A information radiator / glancable / stats screen to show how far a repo is behind it's latest deployed version.

A  Case Study

It relies on a consistent tag/branch which tracks the latest deployed version and compares that to HEAD on master (though you can choose a different point).

It's intended to highlight changes that may sit undeployed for a long time, causing a build up of deployment risk.


Pass configuration as query params, supported params are;

Key Usage Required?
token A Github API token, otherwise you may be rated limited by the API. You can get one by creating a personal access token with the public_repo scope. No
repos A comma-seperated list of repository names, either owner/repo-name or repo-name (the later requires an owner value to be set) Yes
owner A Github user, or orgnanisation, used for repos that don't specify one. No
refresh How often to update, in seconds No, default 60
from A treeish (tag, branch, etc) to start comparing from
to A treeish (tag, branch, etc) to compare until No, defaults to master
resolve_tags Set this to anything truthy (ie not an empty string) to look up tags for the from and to commits to use in the title compare link