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h1. Icon Selector
-"Silk": is an iconset by "FamFamFam": It's my default choice for prototyping, new projects and quick tools. Containing 1,000 icons means there's nearly an always a icon that suites my needs, but finding it can be tricky due the sheer choice.
+A tool to browse and search the "Silk": icon set by "FamFamFam":
-I built this tool to make it easer
-I use the "Silk": The Silk set by FamFamFam is my go to An easy way to find the kind of icon you need from the amazing FamFamFam Silk icon set:
+Released under a CC-Attribution lience and with 1,000 icons (16x16 size) it's a n amazing set of icons for prototyping.
-Creates a javascript data file containing an array of icons, based on the contents of icons/
+But with than many icons it can be a pain to find the one you want, so this tool helps you filter down by keyword.
-h2. Todo
-* Keyboard nav/shortcut for search
-* Clearer licencing notes for FamFamFam
+Creates a JSON data file of icons from the contents of icons/

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