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A standalone information radiator of a users now playing track

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Now playing radiator

A second screen/information radiator/glancable for a users now-playing track.

Handy knowing what’s playing without having iTunes open, an information radiator for a shared office radio, ‘now playing’ screen at an awesome party. It’s also…

  • 100% client side – Made out of Javascript, CSS and HTML, no server side stuff. Easy to check out and run locally.
  • Super adapatable – It renders well on all devices, big monitors, laptops, phones, tablets and even on the kindle.
  • Totally real time – Well, it’s polling, but it feels pretty snappy.

Read more about it or try the sweet demo.


Some small and large improvements I plan make, in rough order:

  • Position footer absolutely, to avoid it jumping about
  • Add page context username/link to top header
  • Adjust default font sizes on extreme devices (mobile / large monitors) for optimal line length
  • Improved context in title bar for easy tab referencing
  • Improve speed of track change. Smart polling, setup an additional, higher frequency, polling window around the track end (based on duration)
  • Adding more metadata (album art, bio, tags, etc) but keep the default view minimal. Probably a click/key interaction that launches a modal.
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