The first Go Fish card game written for the PSP, originally released in 2007. Written in Lua and works on custom firmwares.
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Go Fish - By DSI

This game is based on the traditional card game of Go Fish.   You play against the computer.   

To install:  
- Unzip contents of zip file to \PSP\GAME or \PSP\GAME150, depending on your firmware configuration
- Ensure the game is located at \PSP\GAME\GoFish


1) Both players (you and computer) start with 7 cards in a hand. 
2) If a hand has any pairs, they are taken out and kept in the player's stash.
3) Players take turns asking the other player if they have a particular card of the same value that they currently have in their own hand.
  Player 1 asks: "Do you have a Jack?")
  Player 2 will give that card to Player 1 if he has a Jack of any suit
  Player 1 takes his new pair of Jacks and puts them into his stash.    
  Player 1 goes again.

  Player 1 asks: "Do you have a 2?"
  Player 2 doesn't have a 2 in his hand, so he goes "Go Fish"
  Player 1 takes one card from the deck (all cards in deck are face down)
  Player 1 puts down any possible pairs resulting from this new card
  Player 2 gets his turn now. And so on.

  NOTE: The first turn in the game is randomly selected.

4) The game ends when either a player finishes his hand or the deck runs out of cards.  The winner is the player with the most pairs.


Instructions are provided in the game.

In general,
- Circle or Cross : Continue to the next move 
- Direction Pad   : Move around to highlight a card
- Triangle        : Plays the selected card
- Select          : Makes a screenshot
- Home            : Quit

Release History:

v1.1 (2/13/2008) 
  - Added high score file containing overall results
  - Changed EBOOT icon (thanks to nicodemus82)
  - Minor cosmetic changes
  - Improved random number seed; cards were getting predictable
  - works on PSP Slim now (thanks to homemister91's new LuaPlayer HM)

v1.0 (9/5/2007) 
  - Inception