Sublime Text 3 plugin for Android development



This project is currently on hold (not discontinued) as much of the functionality for completions are being continued here:

This is a work in progress for SublimeText 3!

Expects a properly configured android project via sdk command line tools. From project directory:

android update project -p ./


This package depends on a submodule.

For a fresh install:

git clone --recursive git://

If updating from a previous install without the submodule

git pull
git submodule init
git submodule update


  • Automatically configures external packages.
    • SublimeJava
    • SublimeLinter
    • ADBView
  • Identifies project directory and target platform for autocompletion.
  • XML autocompletion (incomplete) in layouts for tags, attributes and values.
  • Identifies multiple android projects in a sublime project.
  • Build commands for ant
  • Launch sdk tools

Setup automatic builds


Create a new target in custom_rules.xml:

<target name="compile" depends="-set-debug-mode, -compile"/>

Add the following to sublime project settings

"sublimeandroid_default_ant_target": "compile"

This will perform just enough to allow for quick builds and provide autocompletion via SublimeJava