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Google Spreadsheet Builder Starter

You can use this project as a reference for interacting with Google Spreadsheet using the Spreadsheet Builder API.

Setup the Project

1. Clone or download the project sources


2. (optional) Import the project into IntelliJ IDEA

Click on Import Project and select the folder where have you cloned or downloaded the project files.

Import to IntelliJ 0

Select Import project from external model > Gradle

Import to IntelliJ 0

Keep the defaults and click Finish

Import to IntelliJ 2

When IntelliJ IDEA is finished with downloading all the necessary libraries you should see the following structure in the Project explorer.

Source Structure

Setup the Credentials

Visit Java Quickstart page and enable the Drives API for the Quickstart project.

3. Click the ENABLE THE DRIVE API button

Java Quickstart

4. (optional if not logged in) Log into your Google Account

Choose Account

5. Enable the API

Enable API

6. Download credentials JSON file and copy it into src/main/resources folder of the project.

Download Credentials

Run the Application

7. Run the application from the command line using ./gradlew run or run App class from the IDE

Run App

8. Grant permissions page will appear in the browser

Grant Permissions

9. Confirm granting the permissions

Confirm Grant

10. Spreadsheet page wil appear in the browser

Choose Account

Explore the Code

Now you can explore the code in

For more information on using Spreadsheet Builder see the official documentation.