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ASAP: High System Code Security at Low Overhead

ASAP is a system for instrumenting software using sanity checks, subject to performance constraints.

ASAP is based on the LLVM compiler framework. For more information about LLVM please consult llvm/README.txt and llvm/LICENSE.txt. ASAP itself is distributed under the terms of LICENSE.txt in the same folder as this file.


The files in asap/doc/ and the remainder of this README contain various examples of using ASAP.

Obtaining and Compiling ASAP

  1. Check out ASAP's source code:

     # Create a project folder
     mkdir asap
     cd asap
     export ASAP_DIR=$(pwd)
     # Clone the source code
     git clone
     git clone asap/tools/clang
     ( cd asap/tools/clang && git checkout release_37 )
     git clone asap/projects/compiler-rt
     ( cd asap/projects/compiler-rt && git checkout release_37 )
  2. On Linux, compiling ASAP also depends on binutils development files, since we need to build the LLVM Gold linker plugin:

     sudo aptitude install binutils-dev
  3. Compile ASAP:

     cd $ASAP_DIR
     mkdir build
     cd build
     # For configuring, these settings are recommended:
     # - -G Ninja finishes the build sooner (you want your build ASAP, after all :) )
     # - -DLLVM_ENABLE_ASSERTIONS=ON makes bugs a bit easier to understand
     # - -DCMAKE_EXPORT_COMPILE_COMMANDS=ON causes a compile_commands.json
     #   file to be generated. This file is useful if you're editing the ASAP
     #   source code or running code analysis tools.
     # Launch the compilation
     cmake --build .

    On Linux, add -DLLVM_BINUTILS_INCDIR=/usr/include to the cmake command line.

Trying ASAP on a small example

A small example for ASAP is available in llvm/lib/Transforms/SanityChecks/doc/sum/. It contains a small program vulnerable to a buffer overflow. The program is protected by compiling it with AddressSanitizer. ASAP then measures the effect of each ASan check, and removes the most expensive ones.

To run the example:

export PATH=$ASAP_DIR/build/bin:$PATH
cd $ASAP_DIR/asap/lib/Transforms/SanityChecks/doc/sum

Please have a look at the Makefile to see the individual steps performed by ASAP.