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grammar nl.dslmeinte.xtext.ambiguity.MyPL with org.eclipse.xtext.common.Terminals
generate myPL ""
Program: elements += (Class | Statement)*;
Class: 'class' name=ID '{' features+=Feature* '}';
Feature: Class | Attribute;
Attribute: name=ID ':' type=ID; // (a DataType enum is nicer but unnecessary for the example)
Expression: IntegerLiteral;
IntegerLiteral: int=INT;
Variable: name=ID;
// our naive grammar:
Statement: VariableDeclaration | Assignment;
VariableDeclaration: typeRef=ClassRef variable=Variable (':=' value=Expression)?;
ClassRef: type=[Class] tail=FeatureRefTail?;
Assignment: lhs=AssignableSite ':=' value=Expression;
AssignableSite: var=[VariableDeclaration] tail=FeatureRefTail?;
FeatureRefTail: '.' feature=[Feature] tail=FeatureRefTail?;