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Updating Rascal to the latest control-freak Release

Update of May 12, 2012

Updates include:

  • CodeMirror v2.24
  • CodeMirror theme set to Blackboard (was Night)
  • Warning dialogue if about to overwrite unsaved changed in edit window
  • Delete any file or empty folder with warning dialogue

(Instructions for updating CodeMirror to follow)

Release of Apr 8, 2012

The main changes in this release are:

  • Editor window can be resized
  • View image files in editor
  • File tree can be scrolled
  • Drag and drop files or folders within file tree
  • Drag file from desktop to file tree. Allowed types are image, html, css, javascript and python
  • Create new folder
  • On Mac, Command-S saves file (in addition to Ctrl-S and the Save button)

There are also some new demos and the option of using the ACE editor instead of CodeMirror.

To update to the latest release, proceed as follows, replacing NN with your Rascal's serial number:

  1. Log in to your Rascal:

    $ ssh root@rascalNN.local root@rascalNN.local's password:

  2. Change to the /var/ directory:

    [root@rascalNN:~]: cd /var/

  3. Rename the existing www/ directory:

    [root@rascalNN:/var]: mv www www_previous

  4. Clone the latest control-freak to the www/ directory:

    [root@rascalNN:/var]: git clone git://github.com/rascalmicro/control-freak.git www Cloning into www... ... Resolving deltas: 100% (582/582), done.

  5. Install CodeMirror:

    [root@rascalNN:/var]: cd www/ [root@rascalNN:/var/www]: git submodule 8feb48b37c3678a102b2de41e24f0f43bee86f50 editor/static/codemirror2 (v2.23-15-g8feb48b) [root@rascalNN:/var/www]: git submodule init Submodule 'editor/static/codemirror2' (git://github.com/marijnh/CodeMirror2.git) registered for path 'editor/static/codemirror2' [root@rascalNN:/var/www]: git submodule update Cloning into editor/static/codemirror2... ... Submodule path 'editor/static/codemirror2': checked out '8feb48b37c3678a102b2de41e24f0f43bee86f50'

  6. Restart both web servers:

    [root@rascalNN:/var/www]: cd /etc/uwsgi/ [root@rascalNN:/etc/uwsgi]: touch editor.ini [root@rascalNN:/etc/uwsgi]: touch public.ini

At this point the editor should work and you should be able to view simple web pages:


New Demos

Hello - hello world for Rascal (displays message, flashes LED). See hello world for more info.

Upload CF - upload image files using Choose File dialog
Upload DD - upload image files using drag and drop from desktop

- before running the above, click the Create Folder icon to create a directory static/uploads/

Album - upload image files using drag and drop and view as picture album

- before running album, click the Create Folder icon to create a directory static/pictures/

Email - sends an email message via an external SMTP server

- requires an external email account that provides an SMTP server, for example a gmail account. To set up Rascal to send emails, please follow the instructions at the bottom of the email page.

ACE Editor

If you want to try the ACE Editor (see editor config page for details), you need to do the following:

  1. Create a directory editor/static/ace/
  2. Copy the ACE build/ directory there (only the build directory is required)
  3. Tested with ACE 2011.08.02, Version 0.2.0.
  4. Choose between CodeMirror and ACE on the editor config page