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Document v1.0.5 and clarify bad cache name.

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@@ -23,20 +23,26 @@ Now edit some config files.
<!-- replace built-in geodist() with our own modified one -->
<valueSourceParser name="geodist" class="$HaversineValueSourceParser" />
- Add the following cache into <query> section if you are going to use geodist func
+ Add the following cache into the <query> section if you are going to use the geodist function:
+ <!-- SOLR-2155 -->
<cache name="fieldValueCache"
+ Note that the name of this cache is unfortunate; it should have been something like "solr2155", and instead
+ it is confusingly the same name as another cache although it is distinct from it.
At this point you can use Solr's {!geofilt}, {!bbox}, and {!geodist} as documented. You can also use
-{!gh_geofilt} like so: so (args are in west,south,east,north order):
+{!gh_geofilt} like so: (args are in west,south,east,north order):
fq={!gh_geofilt sfield=store box="-98,35,-97,36"}
For further info on gh_geofilt, see the well-documented source.
+ 1.0.5: * Fixed bug affecting sorting by distance when the index was not in an optimized state.
+ * Norms are omitted automatically now; they aren't used.
1.0.4: Fixed bug in which geohashes were returned from Solr xml responses instead of lat,lon. Enhanced README.txt
and Solr wiki.

8 comments on commit ff18923


I would have a quick question for you. I am using the latest Solr 4.0-ALPHA and I have problems loading Solr2155-1.0.5.jar. I load that JAR file using a directive in solrconfig.xml.

I can see that it get loaded:

Jul 17, 2012 6:15:38 PM org.apache.solr.core.SolrResourceLoader replaceClassLoader
INFO: Adding 'file:/usr/share/solr/dist/Solr2155-1.0.5.jar' to classloader

However, I am always getting the same error (whatever if I compile it using Maven2, or by using your JAR file in the download section). I am getting this error at load time:

SEVERE: null:java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/lucene/spatial/tier/InvalidGeoException

Do you have an idea if the problem is my Solr 4.0 installation, Solr2155-1.0.5.jar, or anything else?




dsmiley replied Jul 17, 2012

SOLR-2155 is for Solr 3x, not 4x/trunk.

For trunk, much of the code is the new Lucene spatial module + external dependency Spatial4j. The Solr part is pending:
But it may be out of sync with recent commits. It's in progress. Also see:


dsmiley replied Jul 17, 2012

BTW you are commenting on a commit when I think you intend to create a GitHub issue. Our discussion is not related to this commit.

Good thanks, will look into that.

Yes I know about the GitHub issue; but I can't see the issue tab on this project :|


dsmiley replied Jul 17, 2012

Woops! I fixed the absense of an Issue tab. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Great thanks; will do this next time!

We have upgraded our solr to 4.10.3. We want to optimize our geodist() method queries. Will this new data type will work with solr 4.10.3.



dsmiley replied Feb 25, 2015

In the future (and should you choose to respond to me here) please create a new G.H. issue instead of commenting on this particular commit.

This GH project, SOLR-2155, is for Solr 3. Solr 4 has this built-in. See my comment earlier in this thread.

I will add a README comment to make this clearer.

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