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Update README to clarify purpose and Solr version.

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+This is an old plug-in to Solr 3.x to add spatial filtering on multi-valued fields, and distance-sorting on
+these multi-valued fields as well. In Solr 4.x and beyond, you use the so-called "RPT" field type to get
+the same capabilities.
Author: David Smiley
You may find supplemental instructions online:
@@ -50,4 +56,4 @@ CHANGES
* add cache enabling recommendation into README.txt (cache name is confusing a little)
* fix for UnsupportedOpEx on debugQuery=on for geodist func (but my toString() impl seems overcomplicated)
- 1.0.2: (first public release)
+ 1.0.2: (first public release)

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