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Solidity SDK for enabling smart contract features to TwoBitBear holders


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Bearable Solidity SDK for the family of TwoBitBears NFT's

This project demonstrates how to provide smart contract functionality to official holders of TwoBitBears, the series of 5000 Hyper-Realistic Algorithmically Generated Crypto Collectable Bears Minted on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The first example of this capability can be found with the collaboration between Honey Computing & TwoBitBears

Also included is the Goldilocks base contract, which provides access to the first 3 generations of TwoBitBears, which will be used in upcoming projects.


If you cloned this project from git, to run the tests you will need to create an .env file with an entry for MAINNET_RPC_URL, e.g.

MAINNET_RPC_URL ={your_api_key}

Then you may execute unit tests with:

npx hardhat test

And coverage tests with:

npx hardhat coverage


For further reference, you may check out the code of TwoBitBears + Honey