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v 0.2.1
v 0.2.0
- Added opennlp.scalabha.ccg package, supporting CCG parsing
capabilities. (J. Baldridge)
- Added Jabberwockish example for parsing. (J. Baldridge)
- Many improvements to the tokenization workflow. (J. Roesler)
- Upgraded to SBT 0.11.1. (J. Baldridge)
v 0.1.1
- Upgraded to SBT 0.11.0. (J. Baldridge)
- Changed org.scalabha to opennlp.scalabha. (J. Baldridge)
- Added code for part-of-speech tagging, including basic HMM. (J. Baldridge)
- Added English and Czech part-of-speech tagged data. (J. Baldridge)
v 0.1.0
- Initial build system. (J. Baldridge)
- Code for working with Kinyarwanda and Malagasy data, including
tokenization and tree checking. (J. Roesler)