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To get started:

  1. Dowload this app
  2. Run npm install
  3. Launch the app with npm start

To preload the list of vendors:

Mac / Linux / Windows with Bash shell (you need curl installed)

cd assets

Windows (or Mac/Linux without curl)

  1. Open the Excel file at assets/vendors.xls
  2. Copy G2 and paste it into your browser's address bar and hit enter
  3. Repeat for cells G3-G158 (sorry)

There has to be a better way to load initial data. I'm working on it.

View the vendors

If you visit http://localhost:1337/vendor (which is a shortcut for /vendor/find) you will see a list of all vendors. This is using the blueprint feature of Sails, which essentially creates standard RESTful URLs for any controller. You can POST to /vendor to add a new vendor, you can PUT to /vendor/id to update a vendor and you can DELETE to /vendor/id to remove a vendor.

For the most fun exploring this API, see the previous section on how to pre-load the list of vendors.

To edit this app:

The HTML files are actually (yucky) EJS and stored in views/. Note the template used on all pages is called layout.ejs and then the homepage is homepage.ejs. After that it gets pretty self explanitory.

Note: This app uses the latest beta version of Sails. If you want to install this version, use:

npm install -g sails@0.10

If you leave off the @0.10 you get the latest release version which is 0.9.x. The docs for the beta are at


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