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A tool to easily setup multiple VLAN interfaces on Linux.
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A tool to easily setup multiple VLAN interfaces on Linux.

$ python3 add|rem <network> <interface> <vlan> [<preferred ip-addr>]

root@kali:~# python3 add eth1 101
[+] Adding interface eth1.101 (  
[+] Interface added.
[+] Waiting for ARP table to update.
[+] Searching for other hosts in the VLAN.
[+] Found 24 live host in network
[+] Checking for an available IP-address.
[+] Using IP-address:
[+] Adding gateway.
[+] Gateway added.

In order for to work, you need to have a connection to a trunk port of a switch. I recommend getting an Ethernet to USB dongle to have a seperate interface just for this.

If you encounter a VLAN with the name e.g. 101,2 you need to strip the comma part and use the subnet for the "parent" VLAN. Then manually add a static route to the target VLAN via a gateway. See the following example below. Assuming is a gateway.

VLAN List:


If you want a connection to, then do the following:

root@kali:~# python3 add eth1 101
root@kali:~# ip route add via

If you want to connect to multiple VLANs simultaneously, then you could make a script like this:

root@kali:~# cat
python3 add eth1 101 &
python3 add eth1 102 &
python3 add eth1 103 &
python3 add eth1 104 &
root@kali:~# python3
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