A simulation model demonstrating the chart plotting
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Simulation Model Demonstrating Chart Plotting in Aivika

This project demonstrates the chart plotting in the Aivika simulation framework.



You need Stack installed on your computer. But to reproduce the test, you don't need to know the Haskell programming language, though.

Downloading from GitHub

Download the test code from GitHub:

$ git clone https://github.com/dsorokin/aivika-experiment-chart-test.git
$ cd aivika-experiment-chart-test

Building Project

For the first time, you will have to set up the Stack project. In the next time, you can skip this step.

$ stack setup

In the beginning and after each change of the corresponding Haskell code, you have to build a binary executable anew.

$ stack build

Running Simulation

To run the simulation, type in the Terminal window:

$ stack exec aivika-experiment-chart-test

After the application finishes, you should see the simulation results in your opening Web browser.