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Sketch 1

Sketch that comes in the quil readme run for some time...

sketch code

Sketch 2

Just adding a random background colour...

sketch code

Sketch 3

And now with random colour everywhere...

sketch code

The next sketch just sped up the rate at which the circles were rendered, so that looks a lot like the previous sketch from a static point of view...

sketch code

Sketch 5

Instead of circles of random sizes, we now have ellipses with rand x and y diameters...

sketch code

Sketch 6

With this one, trying to keep all of the ellipses within the boundary of the image. The ellipses themselves are, but their outlines can stray outside...

sketch code

Sketch 7

With this one, I wanted to vary the x and y diameters based on the location of the ellipses within the image. My intention was to have the heights thin near the top and bottom and the widths thin on the edges. I guess this is the opposite of what I had intended. All the same, it is an effect comparable to what I was aiming to achieve...

sketch code

Sketch 8

This is what I had intended with the previous sketches...

sketch code

Sketch 9

Back to circles with this one. Now I'm varying the gradient of the grey used for the circle and it's border. Circles further from the centre have black borders with white centres. Closer to the centre have white borders with black centres. Actually, it's not really the distance from the centre, but more the distance along one axis, hence the diamond shape of the pattern where the centre and the border become the same colour...

In addition to varying the colour based on the location in the image, I also varied the diameter of the circles based on the size of the image (which is more interesting when it is resized while rendering). It takes the maximum of the height and width and sets the diameter to 1/10th of that...

sketch code

Sketch 10

Same as the previous image, but instead of shades of grey using shades of blue...

sketch code

Sketch 11

Back to shades of grey, but this time the circle diameter is a constant 50 pixels...

sketch code

Sketch 12

Now the circle diameter is a constant 150 pixels. Making the pixels bigger makes the pattern from the distance along the axis a little more coarse and random...

sketch code

Sketch 13-1 Sketch 13-2 Sketch 13-3

Now the circle diameter is a constant 10 pixels. I've included three images for this one, just to so the development of the image. It takes quite a while to fill up a big image with randomly placed small dots. But the pattern a lot less random...

sketch code

Sketch 14

Not so random colours this time. The colour for the circle is moving from one random colour to another. Feels a little bit less random and surprising how pastel-y the finished image looks...

sketch code

Sketch 15-1 Sketch 15-2 Sketch 15-3 Sketch 15-4

Now centring the circle in the middle of the image and randomly moving it around while moving the colour from random colour to random colour...

sketch code

Sketch 16

Wrapping the boundaries on the previous sketch...

sketch code

Sketch 17

Slowed down the colour transitions and limited the choice of target colours. It never seems to get to any of those, but still interesting...

sketch code

Sketch 18

So a bug in a sketch isn't necessarily as apparent as in other applications. There was in issue in trying to round integers that was forgotten and the comparison for when the target colour was reached was just returning true every time. Hence the pastel colours. That's been rectified for this sketch. Think I might actually prefer the pastels...

sketch code

Sketch 19

This is what I was aiming for with the first colour transition sketch, but didn't get because of the bug. I think I like the buggy version better...

sketch code

Sketch 20

Playing with images... Just randomly drawing small circles within the image and taking the color of the circle as the color of the pixel at the centre of where the circle is rendered...

sketch code

Sketch 21

Rectangles instead of circles. Harder edges and not too surprisingly a small file with the same dimension as the previous one... :)

sketch code

Sketch 22

And triangles instead of...

sketch code

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