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Emulation of classic VA synths of the late 90s/2000s that are based on Motorola 56300 family DSPs


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Emulation of classic VA synths of the late 90s/2000s that used the Motorola 56300 family DSP

This project emulates various musical devices that used the Motorola 56300 family DSPs.

The supported plugin formats are FST, VST3, AU, CLAP and LV2.

Supported architectures: 64 bit x86 aka x64 and ARM aarch64 (Raspberry Pi, Apple Silicon). Note that 32 bit architectures are not supported!

Platforms: Windows 7+, macOS 10.13+, Linux

At the moment, the following synthesizers are supported:

  • Osirus: Access Virus A,B,C
  • OsTIrus: Access Virus TI/TI2/Snow
  • Vavra: Waldorf microQ


The emulator compiles on any platform that supports C++17.

The build system used is cmake.

cmake options

Variable Description Default
gearmulator_BUILD_JUCEPLUGIN Build Juce based audio plugins on
gearmulator_BUILD_JUCEPLUGIN_CLAP Build CLAP plugins on
gearmulator_BUILD_JUCEPLUGIN_LV2 Build LV2 plugins on
gearmulator_BUILD_FX_PLUGIN Additionally build FX versions of all plugins off

Additional options to select which devices to build:

Variable Description Default
gearmulator_SYNTH_OSIRUS Build Osirus on
gearmulator_SYNTH_OSTIRUS Build OsTIrus on
gearmulator_SYNTH_VAVRA Build Vavra on

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If you want to help or just want to follow the state of the project, feel free to join us on Discord:

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