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UMLGraph - Declarative Drawing of UML Diagrams

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UMLGraph allows the declarative specification and drawing of UML diagrams. You can browse the system's documentation through this link, or print it through this link.

In order to run UMLGraph, you need to have GraphViz installed in your system path. On most Linux distributions, this can be easily installed using the regular package manager.

To compile the Java doclet from the source code run ant on the build.xml file.

If you change the source code, you can run regression tests by executing ant test.

Visit the project's home page for more information.


Currently, only Java 8 is supported by the Doclet.

In Java 9 the JavaDoc Doclet API changed substantially, and the doclet therefore needs to be largely rewritten.

Sorry, this has not happened yet - volunteers for this task are welcome.

Development versions

In order to use development versions, you can use JitPack. Note that as this is compiled on demand, you may sometimes see a "Read timed out" when the package is recompiled, and it should be fine a few seconds later. And because the master branch can change any time, you may want to use a versioned snapshot instead (see the Jitpack documentation for details).


repositories { maven { url '' } }
configurations { umlgraph }
dependencies { umlgraph 'com.github.dspinellis:UMLGraph:master-SNAPSHOT' }
javadoc {
  doclet = 'org.umlgraph.doclet.UmlGraphDoc'
  docletpath = configurations.umlgraph.files.asType(List)
  tags("hidden:X", "opt:X", "has:X", "navhas:X", "assoc:X", "navassoc:X",
       "composed:X", "navcomposed:X", "stereotype:X", "depend:X")



Jar download: