Progress monitor: monitor a job's progress
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The pmonitor command allows you to monitor a job's progress by specifying the name of the corresponding command, its process id, or the file being processed.

See the examples below.

Progress of a simple gzip operation

$ pmonitor --command=gzip
/home/dds/data/mysql-2015-04-01.sql.gz 58.06%

Progress of a MySQL index generation query

$ sudo pmonitor --pid=12612 >a
$ sudo pmonitor --pid=12612 >b
$ diff a b
< /var/lib/mysql/ghtorrent/#sql-3144_30.MYD 33.98%
> /var/lib/mysql/ghtorrent/#sql-3144_30.MYD 34.93%

$ sudo pmonitor --file='/var/lib/mysql/ghtorrent/#sql-3144_30.MYD' --interval=1
/var/lib/mysql/ghtorrent/#sql-3144_30.MYD 78.36%
/var/lib/mysql/ghtorrent/#sql-3144_30.MYD 78.63%
/var/lib/mysql/ghtorrent/#sql-3144_30.MYD 78.90%
/var/lib/mysql/ghtorrent/#sql-3144_30.MYD 79.21%
/var/lib/mysql/ghtorrent/#sql-3144_30.MYD 79.49%
/var/lib/mysql/ghtorrent/#sql-3144_30.MYD 79.77%
/var/lib/mysql/ghtorrent/#sql-3144_30.MYD 80.04%
/var/lib/mysql/ghtorrent/#sql-3144_30.MYD 80.31%
/var/lib/mysql/ghtorrent/#sql-3144_30.MYD 80.58%


Run make install or simply copy the file as pmonitor in your path.

The pmonitor program requires a working version of lsof.

Manual page

You can find the command's manual page here.

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