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The pmonitor command allows you to monitor a job's progress by specifying the name of the corresponding command, its process id, or the file being processed.

See the examples below.

Progress of uncompressing a file

$ pmonitor --command=gzip
/home/dds/data/mysql-2015-04-01.sql.gz 58.06%

Progress of resolving IP addresses in a web server log file

$ pmonitor -c logresolve -i 20
/var/log/apache2/www.balab.aueb.gr_access_ssl.log.1 4.02%
/var/log/apache2/www.balab.aueb.gr_access_ssl.log.1 12.05% ETA 0:03:38
/var/log/apache2/www.balab.aueb.gr_access_ssl.log.1 16.06% ETA 0:04:38
/var/log/apache2/www.balab.aueb.gr_access_ssl.log.1 20.08% ETA 0:04:58
/var/log/apache2/www.balab.aueb.gr_access_ssl.log.1 24.10% ETA 0:05:02
/var/log/apache2/www.balab.aueb.gr_access_ssl.log.1 28.11% ETA 0:04:58
/var/log/apache2/www.balab.aueb.gr_access_ssl.log.1 36.14% ETA 0:03:58
/var/log/apache2/www.balab.aueb.gr_access_ssl.log.1 44.18% ETA 0:03:14
/var/log/apache2/www.balab.aueb.gr_access_ssl.log.1 52.21% ETA 0:02:38

Progress of a MariaDB file import

$ pmonitor -u -c mysql
/home/dds/data/mysql-2018-01-01/project_commits.csv 96.50%

Progress of a MariaDB primary key index generation

$ sudo pmonitor -u -c mysqld -i 10 -f /home/mysql/ghtorrent/project_commits.MYD
/home/mysql/ghtorrent/project_commits.MYD 7.88%
/home/mysql/ghtorrent/project_commits.MYD 7.92% ETA 6:32:27
/home/mysql/ghtorrent/project_commits.MYD 7.96% ETA 6:26:32
/home/mysql/ghtorrent/project_commits.MYD 8.00% ETA 6:29:27
/home/mysql/ghtorrent/project_commits.MYD 8.04% ETA 6:24:26
/home/mysql/ghtorrent/project_commits.MYD 8.08% ETA 6:23:24

Progress of a MariaDB index generation

$ sudo pmonitor -u -c mysqld -i 10 -f /home/mysql/ghtorrent/\#sql-62f0_14.MYD
/home/mysql/ghtorrent/#sql-62f0_14.MYD 9.44%
/home/mysql/ghtorrent/#sql-62f0_14.MYD 9.44% ETA 552:52:34


Run make install or simply copy the file as pmonitor in your path.

The pmonitor program requires a working version of lsof.

Manual page

You can find the command's manual page here.

See also