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SCCS-vsn: include/stdlib.h 5.1
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Keith Bostic authored and Keith Bostic committed May 16, 1990
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* Copyright (c) 1990 The Regents of the University of California.
* All rights reserved.
* %sccs.include.redist.c%
* @(#)stdlib.h 5.1 (Berkeley) %G%

#ifndef _STDLIB_H_
#define _STDLIB_H_
#include <machine/x3j11.h>

#ifdef _SIZE_T_
typedef _SIZE_T_ size_t;
#undef _SIZE_T_

#ifdef _WCHAR_T_
typedef _WCHAR_T_ wchar_t;
#undef _WCHAR_T_

typedef struct {
int quot; /* quotient */
int rem; /* remainder */
} div_t;
typedef struct {
long quot; /* quotient */
long rem; /* remainder */
} ldiv_t;

#define EXIT_FAILURE 1
#define EXIT_SUCCESS 0

#define RAND_MAX 0x7ffffffff

#define MB_CUR_MAX 1 /* XXX */

#ifdef __STDC__

void abort(void);
int abs(int);
int atexit(void (*_func)(void));
double atof(const char *_nptr);
int atoi(const char *_nptr);
long atol(const char *_nptr);
void *bsearch(const void *_key, const void *_base, size_t _nmemb,
size_t _size, int (*_compar)(const void *, const void *));
void *calloc(size_t _nmemb, size_t _size);
div_t div(int _numer, int _denom);
void exit(int _status);
void free(void *_ptr);
char *getenv(const char *_string);
long labs(long);
ldiv_t ldiv(long _numer, long _denom);
void *malloc(size_t _size);
void qsort(void *_base, size_t _nmemb, size_t _size,
int (*_compar)(const void *, const void *));
int rand(void);
void *realloc(void *_ptr, size_t _size);
void srand(unsigned _seed);
long strtol(const char *_nptr, char **_endptr, int _base);
u_long strtoul(const char *_nptr, char **_endptr, int _base);
int system(const char *_string);

#else /* !__STDC__ */

void abort();
int abs();
int atexit();
double atof();
int atoi();
long atol();
void *bsearch();
void *calloc();
div_t div();
void exit();
void free();
char *getenv();
long labs();
ldiv_t ldiv();
void *malloc();
void qsort();
int rand();
void *realloc();
void srand();
long strtol();
u_long strtoul();
int system();

#endif /* __STDC__ */

int mblen(const char *_s, size_t _n);
size_t mbstowcs(wchar_t *_pwcs, const char *_s, size_t _n);
int wctomb(char *_s, wchar_t _wchar);
int mbtowc(wchar_t *_pwc, const char *_s, size_t _n);
double strtod(const char *_nptr, char **_endptr);
size_t wcstombs(char *_s, const wchar_t *_pwcs, size_t _n);

#endif /* _STDLIB_H_ */

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