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Pixel Art 0.0.4

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@github-actions github-actions released this 26 Sep 22:53


pixel-art-0.0.4-macos-universal.pkg: a794a40880781bada54d760a1dc652cef6061a1bee2d0a30a01ebaa7e427735e
pixel-art-0.0.4-source.tar.xz: ecb0fc0178cea8db979fed84cdc5f727cea8de4909ac23461e8b0e566694002b
pixel-art-0.0.4-windows-x64-Installer.exe: 11b05c6aa0fabeb3d0b34611ddbd2dca8c4e9f41685e7a009baa35e06786d7e0 361FBC588529CE79BAE7E95526471F4A77F52017E145D68E8B44F1D796A8BF72
pixel-art-0.0.4-x86_64-linux-gnu-dbgsym.ddeb: 8e7f84ce6e536562ce011e8e2046c8f1482ca0b4c7242746673b504f3f0f633a
pixel-art-0.0.4-x86_64-linux-gnu.deb: 5f70b9a90863aa301f6bb64b99924d80c20c22f4cce2c7142db965abe4fea884


This release fixes issue #2, and also ensures that sources preserve opacity appropriately.

MacOS users: This code is not notarized/signed, so you may have to jump through additional hoops to get it to work. Also, this release is utilizing code recently written by OBS that changes how the MacOS version of this plugin is packaged. If you have any unexpected trouble with the MacOS release, please open an issue and use version 0.0.3 (even if it does contain known bugs). I will update this release if needed.