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A primer on using the 'synthpop' package for the biobehavioral sciences
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A primer on using the synthpop package for the behavioral sciences


Synthetic datasets are an emerging method originally developed to permit the sharing of confidential census data. Synthetic datasets mimic real datasets by preserving their statistical properties and the relationships between variables. Importantly, this method also reduces disclosure risk to essentially nil as no record in the synthetic dataset represents a real individual. This is the accompanying R script for my primer, which enables behavioral researchers to create synthetic datasets and assess their utility via the synthpop R package. By sharing synthetic datasets that mimic original datasets that could not otherwise be made open, researchers can ensure the reproducibility of their results and facilitate data exploration while maintaining participant privacy.

Run the analysis in your web browser

To launch a RStudio server instance and run my analysis scripts online, click on the "Launch Binder" badge below.

Launch Rstudio Binder

Run analysis locally

To run the analysis locally in RStudio, download this repository as a zipped file. The R version and package versions are noted in the sessionInfo.txt file.

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