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🍥 Aofuji 🍥


Aofuji is a clean Hugo template for developers with useful basic features.

The template is not a fully featured Hugo theme, it is designed to provide a base theme design and architecture for developers to use in their projects.

Check out my other fully featured Hugo theme here: hugo-theme-fuji

Live Demo and Preview


Live demo (GitHub Pages):

Getting Started

You need to configure Node.js (with npm) as well as Hugo before you can use the template, and Hugo requires the extended version.

You need to configure the environment variables correctly to ensure the hugo command can be used directly in command line.

After that, just click the "Use this template" button to create your own repository, then clone it and use npm install to install the dependencies.

Then the npm start for development and npm run build for deployment all work.

Features List

Supported features:

  • Post header image: Add image front matter in post md files
  • Lazyload image: All listed images will be lazy-loaded, and there are also shortcodes for lazy image placeholders with specific aspect ratios.
  • Sticky sidebar card: Add div with sticky class in sidebar
  • Custom smart pagination
  • Dark mode theme: Smart switch

Features will not be supported officially:

  • Comment: Too much different comment system, Gitalk is recommended for good theme fit
  • Search: Use Fuse.js or Vue.js/React.js to create your own

Development Information

Check the project wiki for more information on development and design.

The content of the wiki is still relatively incomplete and is being added over time.


The theme is released under the Apache License 2.0, for more information read the LICENSE.

Copyright © 2018-present DSRKafuU