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Deep Space Window Manager
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The Deep Space Window Manager

DSWM is a window manager written entirely in Common Lisp. It
attempts to be highly and easy customizable while relying entirely on the
keyboard for input. You will not find buttons, icons, title bars, tool
bars, or any of the other conventional GUI widgets.

DSWM is a fork of StumpWM, so have most of all features, which have
StumpWM, but it designed for better usability and better integration with
emacs. It is an early release, so some of it`s own features may not work
or may work incorrect. In future releases we will fix it.

These design decisions reflect the growing popularity of productive,
customizable lisp based systems.

To build, install, start and basic DSWM usage see the doc/README file
To read the license, see the copyright/COPYING file
To read DSWM authors list, see the copyright/AUTHORS file
To read about last DSWM changes, see the NEWS file
To get help see the next information:


There's a texinfo manual, doc/dswm.texi. the build scripts generate an
info file you can read in emacs or with the `info' program.

For other stuff visit the dswm wiki:

But, as it's not properly completed now, you can also visit stumpwm wiki too:

Also, you can visit to #dswm channel on for issues directly related to dswm

Mailing lists: and

Finally, you can see the DSWM news on official site
or read some useful information on DSWM blog
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