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This repository contains a couple of scripts for downloading the Illinois EPA Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMR) and importing them into a database.

The main script is which downloads the csv files from the EPA website. Some useful examples:

To download all dmr csv files (to il-dmr/csv directory) use


To download and import csv files (serially, which is good in case of failure) first run create.csv and then

python --psql

The import is done using psql -c '\copy so place the relevant PostgreSQL credentials in environment variables. To download a particular year

python --year 2015

To download a particular NPDES id (all years, unless --year is specified)

python --npdes IL0000035

By default existing csv files will not be re-downloaded. To re-download (useful for updating a year in progress)

python -o --year 2015

There are two additional scripts:

create.sql for creating the target dmr table for bulk import of csvs after they have been downloaded.