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import click
import yaml
import os
from os import path, system
@click.option('--db', help='YAML-formatted database connection credentials.', required=True)
@click.option('--csv', help='CSV file to load into the database table', required=True)
def main(db, csv):
init(db, csv)
def init(db, csv):
# We'll shell out to `psql`, so set the environment variables for it:
with open(db) as f:
for k,v in yaml.load(f).items():
os.environ['PG' + k.upper()] = str(v) if v else ""
# And create the table from the csv file with psql
system("""psql -c "CREATE SCHEMA IF NOT EXISTS dedupe;" """)
system("""psql -c "DROP TABLE IF EXISTS dedupe.entries;" """)
# system("""csvsql --no-constraints -i postgresql --table entries --db-schema dedupe < test/people.csv | psql """)
system("""psql -c "
CREATE TABLE "dedupe.entries" (
uuid UUID,
first_name VARCHAR,
last_name VARCHAR,
ssn VARCHAR(11),
sex VARCHAR(1),
dob VARCHAR(10),
ethnicity VARCHAR
);" """)
system("""psql -c "\copy dedupe.entries FROM '{}' WITH CSV HEADER;" """.format(csv))
system("""psql -c "alter table dedupe.entries add column entry_id SERIAL PRIMARY KEY;" """)
system("""psql -c "alter table dedupe.entries add column full_name VARCHAR;" """)
system("""psql -c "update dedupe.entries set full_name = first_name || ' ' || last_name;" """)
if __name__ == '__main__':