Download a million samples from Rigol DS1052E via usbtmc
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Capture full memory (1M samples) from a Rigol DS1052E.

Based upon and modified to support deep memory (a million samples).

Deep memory is finicky, and this was a bit difficult to get working even making use of the instructions on Rigol's site. In the end I found a sequence of commands that appear to work. There are two sample scripts. One saves the waveform as a WAV (audio) file and the other plots a spectrogram. When you run the scripts, the scope is put into SINGLE trigger mode. Once it is triggered, the waveform data is downloaded. Other trigger modes (e.g. NORMAL or AUTO) do not appear to work properly, even when acquisition is stopped before waveform download.

The script is fun because you can plug a wire into the scope, record the entire AM or FM spectrum, and play it back as audio. Sounds cool.