Use Chrome Custom Tabs from React Native on Android
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the initial connection event (since it happens before React is loaded),
but I’ll look into fixing that in the future.
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Demo of Chrome Custom Tabs in React Native


  1. npm install --save react-native-chrome-custom-tabs
  2. Add the following to android/settings.gradle:
include ':ReactNativeChromeCustomTabs', ':app'
project(':ReactNativeChromeCustomTabs').projectDir = new File(rootProject.projectDir, '../node_modules/react-native-chrome-custom-tabs/android')
  1. Add compile project(':ReactNativeChromeCustomTabs') to dependencies in android/app/build.gradle
  2. Import and register the module in your file:
import com.dstaley.ReactNativeChromeCustomTabs.ChromeCustomTabsPackage; // <-- Import

public class MainActivity extends Activity implements DefaultHardwareBackBtnHandler {

    private ReactInstanceManager mReactInstanceManager;
    private ReactRootView mReactRootView;

    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        mReactRootView = new ReactRootView(this);

        mReactInstanceManager = ReactInstanceManager.builder()
                .addPackage(new MainReactPackage())
                .addPackage(new ChromeCustomTabsPackage(this))          // <-- Register

        mReactRootView.startReactApplication(mReactInstanceManager, "DemoReactNativeCustomTabs", null);



var ChromeCustomTabsClient = require('react-native-chrome-custom-tabs');

// Tell Chrome to preload a URL

// Launch a Custom Tab