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# PowerCLI Script for setting vCenter Permissions base don AD Group and Datacenter
# @davidstamen
HelpMessage='Path to CSV to Import')]
#Import PowerCLI Module
Get-Module -ListAvailable VMware* | Import-Module
#Prompt for vCenter to Set Permissions
$vCenter = Read-Host -Prompt "Name or IP address of vcenter"
#Makes sure CSV was passed as parameter, if not it prompts and checks path.
If($permissionlist -eq $NULL){
$permissionlist = Read-host -Prompt "Csv to import"
If((Test-Path $permissionlist) -eq $False){Write-host "Could not find CSV.";break}
#tries to connect to vcenter and breaks script if it fails.
Try{Connect-viserver $vCenter -ErrorAction "Stop"|Out-Null}
Catch {Write-Warning "Unable to Logon to $vCenter. Exiting...";break}
#define variables and loop through each entry setting permissions
$permission = Import-csv "$permissionlist"
foreach ($item in $permission) {
Write-host "Setting $group permissions to $role on $vCenter" -ForegroundColor Green
$Permission=New-VIPermission -Entity (Get-Datacenter $datacenter) -Principal (Get-VIAccount -Domain $domain -Group|Where-Object {$_.Name -like "*$group*"}) -Role (Get-VIRole $role) -Propagate:$true|Out-Null