ARCHIVED: Series of Class based mixins. No longer actively maintained
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infuse Adding save and continue form wizard mixin. Jan 3, 2013

Django Infuse

Series of Class based mixins. Requires Django 1.4s use of PermissionDenied exception.


pip install django-infuse

Currently Supported Mixins

  • Permission Required
  • Staff Required
  • Super User required
  • Login Required
  • Group Required


Login Required Mixin

Inherit the mixin you want to use and add any additional (optional) params.

from infuse.auth.permissions import LoginRequiredMixin

class MyLoginProtectedView(LoginRequiredMixin, ListView):
    # If login_url is not the url you want to redirect
    # users to, set one here.

    login_url = "/my/new/url/"

    # Do the rest of your stuff.....

Group Required Mixin

The only other different one is GroupRequiredMixin

from infuse.auth.permissions import GroupRequiredMixin

class MyGroupRequiredView(GroupRequiredMixin, ListView):
    # Uses login_required, so you can optionally pass in
    # a url just like LoginRequired.

    # You MUST set a group, Infuse will throw an exception
    # if you do not.

    group = "My Awesome Group"

Permission Required Mixin

Original work by Kenneth Love and Chris Jones. Modified to always raise PermissionDenied

from infuse.auth.permissions import PermissionRequiredMixin

class PermissionRequiredView(PermissionRequiredMixin, ListView):
    # Permission to require
    permssion_required = 'model.can_do_something'

Save and Continue Form Wizard

This mixin is still very much in a alpha status. The django form wizard does not support the concept of 'Finish Later' or any built in ability to save the form 'half done'. This mixin provides a way for developers to add a 'Finish Later' functionality to their form wizard.

In order to use the 'Finish Later' functionality you must add a button/input element on your form wizard templates and name it 'save_only'

<input type='submit' name='save_only' value='Finish Later'>

Next inherit the SaveAndContinue Mixin

from infuse.wizard.mixins import SaveAndContinueWizard

class MyFinishLaterWizard(SaveAndContinueWizard):

    # This url is where the user will be redirected to when 
    # they click the 'Finish Later' button
    save_only_url = reverse_lazy('wheretogowhenuserssaves')

In addition to the save_only_url that you are required to set, you may also provide the following methods:

def post_save_only(self):

def process_wizard_goto_step(self, wizard_goto_step):
    if wizard_goto_step and wizard_goto_step in self.get_form_list(): = wizard_goto_step
        form = self.get_form(
        return self.render(form)

def pre_process(self, form):

def additional_file_processing(self):
  • post_save_only - Called when save_only is executed. Provides a way to hook into the save_only processor
  • pre_process - Do any pre processing before forms are attempted to save. Can be used to setup formsets.
  • additional_file_processing - Do any additional file processing. I use this to make sure that files saved to AWS are saved with the correct file name.
  • process_wizard_goto_step - Allows you to override the default behaviour of going between steps.

This particular mixin is extreamly powerful, but is in a constantly changing state. If you are using it, please provide some feedback of how and what your using it for, as well as any improvements you have.