RocketChat API Implemented in Python
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RocketChat API

Python API wrapper for the Rocket chat API


pip install rocket-python


Initialize the client with a username and password. This user must have Admin privs::

from rocketchat.api import RocketChatAPI

api = RocketChatAPI(settings={'username': 'someuser', 'password': 'somepassword',
                              'domain': ''})

Supported Calls

Only a few calls exist within the API, and I am only adding them as they are needed by users. If you need a call, open an issue or send a pull request.

Running Tests

py.test tests rocketchat
Sending a message

You'll first need to get the _id of the room you want to send a message to. Currently, Rocket can only send messages to public rooms.

api.send_message('Your message', room_id)