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▶️ Converts an asciinema cast to an animated GIF.
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gifcast is a web page that converts asciinema casts to animated GIFs.

The code runs fully in the browser. That is, there are no server-side calls to process the cast and/or convert to animated GIF. The implementation is in JavaScript.

How To Use

gifcast expects the asciinema cast to have a .cast extension. See below for instructions on recording an asciinema cast.

To convert an asciinema cast to an animated GIF, navigate to index.html, load the cast, select a size, and click Render.

gifcast is available at

Recording a Cast

Recording requires the asciinema program, which runs independently of gifcast.

To record an asciinema cast, launch a new recording for your session, and terminate the session with Ctrl-D.

$ asciinema rec PATH/FILENAME.cast


The animated GIF below was generated with gifcast.


The source code has an MIT License.



gifcast depends on code from:

  1. xterm.js
  2. omggif
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