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fixed perlbew typo to perlbrew in POD

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1 parent 1417ad3 commit bb57a8c6a1b4111cbbd27d0f3a2c13c2182e35c6 @dsteinbrunner committed Nov 21, 2011
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@@ -1764,7 +1764,7 @@ those are installed inside your HOME too. It provides multiple isolated perl
environments, and a mechanism for you to switch between them.
For the documentation of perlbrew usage see L<perlbrew> command
-on CPAN, or by running C<perlbew help>. The following documentation
+on CPAN, or by running C<perlbrew help>. The following documentation
features the API of C<App::perlbrew> module, and may not be remotely
close to what your want to read.

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