A PHP library for communicating with the Twilio API and generating TwiML
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A Brief Introduction

With version 3.0 we've simplified interaction with the Twilio REST API. No more manually creating URLS or parsing XML/JSON. You now interact with resources directly. Follow the Quickstart Guide to get up and running right now. The User Guide shows you how to get the most out of twilio-php.


  • PHP >= 5.2.1
  • The PHP JSON extension


Download the source which includes all dependencies.

Once you download the library, stick the folder in your project directory and then include the library file:

require 'Services/Twilio.php';

and you're good to go!

Via PEAR (>= 1.9.3):

Or use these PEAR commands to download the helper library:

pear channel-discover twilio.github.com/pear
pear install twilio/Services_Twilio


Want to get up and running with twilio-php in minutes? Click here to read through our quickstart guide.

Full Documentation

The documentation for twilio-php is hosted at Read the Docs. Click here to read through our full documentation.

Reporting Issues

Did you run into trouble using our documentation? We would love to hear your feedback. Report issues using the Github Issue Tracker or email help@twilio.com.

Sample Code

Making a Call

require "Services/Twilio.php";

$sid = "ACXXXXXX"; // Your Twilio account sid
$token = "YYYYYY"; // Your Twilio auth token

$client = new Services_Twilio($sid, $token);
$call = $client->account->calls->create(
    '9991231234', // From this number
    '8881231234', // Call this number
    // Read TwiML at this URL when a call connects (this will play hold music)

Generating TwiML

To control phone calls, your application need to output TwiML, our XML language to control calls. Use Services_Twilio_Twiml to easily create such responses.

$response = new Services_Twilio_Twiml();
$response->play('https://api.twilio.com/cowbell.mp3', array("loop" => 5));
print $response;
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <Play loop="5">https://api.twilio.com/cowbell.mp3</Play>